7 Days In The Abaco Islands, Bahamas

The Bahamas’ Abaco island group is a great vacation paradise and ideal for an excellent sailing vacation. Enjoy the mild winds, quiet, electric-blue waters, and hospitable natives that keep tourists coming back.

Within 175 miles of Florida’s Palm Beach and 55 miles of Nassau, the boomerang-shaped Abaco Islands stretch from Walkers Cay in the north to Hole-in-the-Wall in the south.


Day 1: Marsh Harbour

Travel to the charming Man-O-War Cay, the islands’ center for boat manufacturing. Discover the fascinating history of this charming, tranquil island while strolling around the Cay’s local shops.


Day 2: Guana Cay & Nippers Beach Bar & Grill

Great Guana Cay is a small island in the Caribbean that is well-known for its long stretch of white sand beach along the Atlantic coast.

Bakers Bay, a breathtaking mile-long crescent beach, is located at the northwesterly end of 5.5 miles of shoreline.

Discover the well-known Nipper’s Beach Bar & Grill, frequented by visitors around the world, for over 26 years. Enjoy one of their two swimming pools, while floating about while sipping a famed frozen Nipper Juice beverage.


Day 3: Little Harbour

Little Harbour, the most scenic and remote harbor, is known as the World’s Quaintest Harbour.   On the spit, an abandoned lighthouse remains as a lone sentinel and a reminder of days gone by. The arts continue to thrive in this picturesque location, best known for the late Randolph Johnston, an internationally renowned artist who founded an art colony in Little Harbour with his wife, Margot, in the 1950s. It’s a boater’s paradise, with a secluded enclave that’s also one of Abaco’s worst-kept secrets.

Day 4: Green Turtle

Green Turtle Cay is the Abacos’ most northerly noteworthy cay. It is a part of the “Abaco Out Islands,” measuring 3 miles long by 0.5 miles broad. Loyalists settled at New Plymouth Village, situated on the island, in the 1770s. The island offers guests a ton to see and do and is great for family vacations or romantic retreats. You can walk through the entire tiny, vibrant hamlet in just 15 minutes, or spend a few hours exploring every store and every side street.


Day 5: Man O War

Approximately 200 people live in the peaceful community of Man-O-War Cay. One of the earliest Loyalist settlements in The Abacos was Man-O-War Cay, where people began farming in 1798. A shipwrecked sailor named Benjamin Albury met farmer Eleanor Archer in 1820, and the two were wed in 1821. Today’s hardworking Alburys, who run the numerous family-run enterprises on this cay, are descended from them. No alcohol is sold anywhere, as is custom, although boaters are welcome to sip a cocktail on their yachts.


Day 6: Hope Town

Hope Town, the name of Elbow Cay’s charming settlement, is a common nickname for the island. You can find Abaco’s most iconic landmark, the Candy Striped Lighthouse, on the west side of Hope Town Harbour. It is the last kerosene-fired, manually wound lighthouse of its kind remaining in existence. A trip to the Wyannie Malone Historical Museum is a must-do activity while in Hope Town, in addition to a visit to Vernon’s grocery and bakery  – you gotta try one of their handmade pies.


Day 7: Tahiti Beach

Sail south to gorgeous Tahiti Beach to beach comb, swim, snorkel, and do some fishing. Enjoy a relaxing dinner aboard or dinghy at a nearby restaurant. Tahiti Beach is the perfect location to anchor for activities such as kayaking, or paddle boarding – if you’ve never tried a stand-up paddleboard before, this is the spot to give it a go!

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